Zach Miley is a San Francisco based audio engineer with a background in classical violin.  He specializes in classical / acoustic music recording, and tries to approaches every project with an in-depth understanding of the music at hand.  Technical choices should be made to serve the music, not the other way around.  As someone with an extensive knowledge of classical music and recording technique, he will make the right technical choices to translate your hard work to your listeners in a meaningful and transparent way.

As a recording engineer, he has produced and/or engineered for Kronos Quartet, Cal Performances, Areon Flutes, Friction Quartet, International Orange Chorale of San Francisco, Cappella SF, SopraDuo, David Conte, and more, and regularly records live concerts for many of the Bay Area's chamber music ensembles, small orchestras, and concert promoting organizations.

As a live sound engineer, he has worked Kronos Quartet, Mercury Soul, The Paul Dresher Ensemble, Amy X Neuberg, SF Chamber Orchestra, and many others.

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Work history:
- Freelance audio engineer, 2011-present
- AV Coordinator, First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2017-present
- Senior Recording Engineer, SF Conservatory of Music, 2014-2018
- Music Producer Work-Study, The Banff Centre, Sept 2013-April 2014
- Audio Engineer, Aspen Music Festival 2013
- Assistant Audio Engineer, Aspen Music Festival 2012
- Student Recording Engineer, SF Conservatory of Music, 2011-2013

- San Francisco Conservatory - Master of Music '13.  Violin student of Ian Swensen & mentored in audio by Jason O'Connell
- The Banff Centre - Music Producer Work-Study, 2 terms, 2013-2014.  Mentored by Theresa Leonard and Graham Lessard
- Temple University - BM Violin '10. Student of Hirono Oka

About my Photography:
I have been shooting B&W film photography since I was in high school.  I do all parts of the process myself, from shooting with a manual camera to the developing and scanning or printing. 

My camera is a Nikon FE2 and generally used with a 55mm f/1.2 AI-S lens.  My favorite films are Fuji Acros 100 for daytime and Kodak Tri-X shot at 400 or push processed to 1600 for other times. 

Everything is developed in my kitchen and scanned - a lab technician never touches my photos.  Xtol 1+1 is the developer in most cases.

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