Riley Nicholson - Shimmer (excerpt)

Single static camera concert video of Shimmer by Riley Nicholson.

I also did the sound design for this piece, which involves live processing via Ableton in Quad Surround.

Vaughan Williams

A three camera live concert video produced for San Francisco’s Calvary Presbyterian Church. The audio recording is a decca tree of omnis plus choir and solo spot mics.

Pass The Catnip

A short stylized film of my roommate's cat Donut, that I created to learn about recording in Log profiles and using LUTs.  The lens used for this clip is a vintage manual Nikon 50mm f1.4 AI-S with a Metabones speedbooster.

The audio comes from a session I recorded and mixed the at Airship Labs for Schuyler Karr with Tiffany Austin on vocals.