Some past projects:

This is a compilation of material that was written for Time & Time & Again, an Icelandic art film inspired by the work of Hreinn Friðfinnsson. Each track on this album is featured as background music during the film, though in a somewhat shorter version. The album is meant to flow seamlessly from start to finish. 

VP70 EP employs a feedback loop which is half audio and half midi. A violin is sent to a Roland VP70 whose midi output triggers several synths in Ableton Live, and output from those synths is sent back into the VP70 alongside the violin. 

With this method, it is possible to use a violin and midi controller to achieve textures that can be performed live.

Temporal Distension is an electroacoustic sound design based work in which I use a largely improvised piano part to trigger a multitude of electronic sounds. The only sounds not triggered by the piano are the bass and drone. I used it to experiment with different ways of growing and releasing sections of incredible pounding intensity. Inspired by the sound design in David Lynch's Lost Highway.

Vostok Station is an electroacoustic work based on the 8 bar piano motif heard in the beginning.  One of my first Ableton Live projects.  

"Icy lake creature jams."

Minimalist piece based on the 2-bar melodic cell heard at the very beginning. Uses an augmentation technique similar to Arvo Part's Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten.